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Purchasing The Ideal Rose Gold Necklace Set

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Fashion Jewellery In Your Budget |

Purchasing The Ideal Rose Gold Necklace Set

When it comes to jewelry, gold is the one metal that exhibit an extensive level of versatility and elegance. O matter whether you select pure yellow gold or one of its alloys including the rose gold made from mixing gold with copper alloy or white gold made from mixing gold with other metals, each of the gold jewelry is quite attractive and fun.

Necklace set is one of the jewelry item which is quite famous in gold and rose gold but prior investigation is made before purchasing gold along with its price in the market. If you want to purchase a rose gold necklace set, OneByOne Jewellery UK is the best spot for it. You can find every type of gold necklace variety here.

Purchasing Rose Gold Necklace Set:

If the prices of gold is quite high, you can go for gold platted necklace which can be available in comparatively cheaper price and with a platting of 14 to 18 kt. Gold. Below are listed some of the tips that can help you make a purchase of the rose gold necklace set:


The number thing that you need to consider is the type of occasion you are purchasing the necklace set for. If it is an evening event, a flashy and attractive set like a long rose gold necklace would be a better choice whereas if you are purchasing a gold necklace set for a day function, a more sober set should be preferred.


Before making a purchase of any gold necklace set, it is essential to watch the outfit with which the set is going to be worn. The wardrobe must look attractive with the necklace set otherwise it is will be looking overwhelming and unnecessary to wear a gold jewelry with the outfit and it may also destroy your overall look. You should not be tempted by the increasing trend of gold necklace in the market unless it does not suits your outfit.


A necklace along with a pendant is quite an attractive pair and so it can be used in combination for the event as well. If you are going to use a pendant with the necklace you may have to decide about its length according to the wardrobe. Do not always go out with the same set of pendant and necklace combination as it may seem repetitive.

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Trendy Fashion Jewellery for Every Occasion

Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Trendy Fashion Jewellery |

Ever find yourself looking longingly at that silver elegant chain that you know, will go perfectly with your everyday outfit and that it will look great on your skin? Do you also feel that to afford that, you might have to sell your house and probably your kidney too? Well, at least you’re not alone on that. Most of us want to pamper ourselves with the million dresses and matching jewellery to accent it. Don’t let a small thing like ‘not fitting in the budget’ stop you from getting what you want.


Fashion jewellery has evolved and is still evolving, with its many varieties with the ever changing trends, everywhere. There is something you’d find that anyone will find, to suit her every mood. From wearing metal around your neck, it has now come to crowning your neck with precious gems and stones. Don’t we all want that? Find what you actually desire and own every jewellery that you always wanted, and find ways to save some money too.

  • There are many varieties in Fashion Jewellery that you can find, for anything you are in the mood for. From Metal to medallion, multicoloured strings to give it a funky look, there are many types found in the market today.
  • The materials used can range from metal, wood, stones, semi-precious gems, shells, They can be worn for every occasion. Having a beach party this Saturday! Accent your bathing suit with some seashell earrings and necklace. A wedding to attend? Find something traditional and metal made from the range of products found in every fashion markets I your city.
  • Nowadays, the market is trending on the DIY concept of making personalised and custom made jewellery. Craft shops all around support the materials needed like metal clasps, beads, and quilling paper and related machines, These are easy to make, affordable, fun to give out as projects and great for presents.
  • Fashion Jewellery has been found in all countries and is a million dollar business. Many investments are made worldwide, as they are cheap and easy to advertise, because of the obvious advantages in choosing these over fine jewellery.
  • Fine Jewellery is standard everywhere. They are costly, of good quality and is worth an investment. However, they are highly valuable and hence, cannot be worn for every occasion. One cannot risk wearing a diamond studded neck choker to a pub, however, well it goes with her dress. For this reason, Fashion jewellery has been adopted, as they can be something found in the million shops lining the busy streets in various parts of any country.

Next time there’s a party or a family function, don’t fret over the security of the gold chains that you probably should wear or don’t be saddened by the cost of the platinum chain you always wanted. Instead, get your bag, roam the fashion market, and find something to suit your outfit and your mood, because there is bound to be something you like in the vast collection found.

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How Does Costume Jewellery Differ From Fashion Jewellery?

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Difference Between Costume And Fashion Jewellery |

Jewellery and ornaments have been worn by the people for centuries now and have evolved from charm breakers and talisman. The ancient beliefs led people to combine materials like bones, stone, shells, etc. which were strung together with strings are straw and worn as Talisman and medallions, which were believed to provide protection to the wearer against the evil spirits. These talisman and charm bracelets were made with gold and other precious stones, for the royal lords, because they could afford it. Later, the copies of them, with cheaper replicas were made for the average working class people, so that they too can afford it. Many are confused between the terms costume jewellery and fashion jewellery; A simple mistake anyone can make. Both these terms revolve around the general concept, which is to provide a replica for the fine jewellery. One of their subtle difference is the reason why they’re being used for.

Costume Jewellery-The term ‘costume jewellery’ was termed in the early 1920’s which was used for those replica items of jewellery, which was also called as fake fashion or junk. It was first created to find a replacement for those fine jewellery which cannot be worn at all times, and is passed down through generations as heirlooms. Costume jewellery provided people something that can be worn every day, without worrying about the jewellery getting spoiled because of overuse.


Fashion Jewellery-The name fashion jewellery comes from the concept that the designs and the style of the jewellery are on par with the latest trends of the current society. What’s trendy in today’s world will be considered as out of fashion tomorrow. The fashion jewellery has been expected to keep up with the moving fashion sense of the society, hence the name. Many places consider plastic and glass materials, which can be worn for occasions of any sort.

In both the cases of costume jewellery and fashion jewellery, they are preferable to fine jewellery because they are easier to maintain and less hassle on their safety. Things like pure silver chains and other pendants will fade over time, because of the oxidation reaction. Since you have paid a bomb for it, you have to now find time to polish it and take care of it regularly. But with costume jewellery, since the product is very cheap, when the metal has lost its shine, you can just trash it get you a new one.

Costume jewellery cameinto use and existence when the directors and producers of Hollywood and street plays were looking for a way to dress their stars with something that is attractive, at the same time, less risky to provide for them during the performance, as it would have been too costly and not safe. The costume jewellery, hence, came to their aid. These props were realistic as the fine jewellery, only, much cheaper. Fashion jewellery was born from costume jewellery, but for a wider market, not so glamorous, as they were worn by the common people, for everyday or party use.

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Whatever The Occasion, Trendy Fashion Jewellery Comes Handy

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016 in Jewellery For All Occasions |

Glamorous parties, fancy weddings, grand family get together, and many more unions which require you to dress up and look beautiful, they all seek these fashion jewellery. Even though they are prejudiced as cheap quality by many, these fashion jewellery are coming up and making a stand on the society because of its convenience and easy availability. They use artificial or imitation metal to replicate the real fine jewellery has been advantageous for many, over the years, the reason why it is still in demand. The beautiful part is that, fashion jewellery or artificial jewellery, will never go out of fashion, as they move along the lines of the current trend in the society, having many bases like vintage, party wear, everyday wear etc.

Existence: This imitation jewellery came into existence in the early 17th century, where bracelets and other ornaments were made of cheap metal that is available around. It spread from Egypt to London, and the trend changed with the fashion. They were initially used as props for the staged plays and theatrical performances as this fit the budget of the producers and was safer to use.

Culture: The use of these fashion jewellery have been noticed to change differently with the culture and the rituals of the place. For examples, women of Africa can be seen wearing heave metal bangles covering the whole of their arms while the women of Asia can be seen wearing only a few bangles, metal or glass, on their lower arms only. Body piercing too, varies from places to places, depending on the culture. While in India, it is common to see girls having ear piercings, it is not so common in the West.

Importance: From the continuous demand from the market for the different needs of the customers worldwide, it is safe to say that the importance of these imitation jewellery is constant if not increasing. There is demand for the producers to keep up with the current fashion. They are demanded for various occasions, for general parties to glamorous weddings. They are bought and worn for various get togethers to everyday wear. The market for this fashion jewellery will never go out of fashion, as long as people with low budget cost exist and who want to cut down their cost on expenses on these items.

Many creative companies have come up with their own range of products,which can provide you what exactly you desire for every occasion. They are easy to find, and make the best presents!  Due to this continuous demand, there can be seen many companies coming up with new items for the consumers to buy and thereby prefer their company. If you’re planning to buy yourself a nice set of earrings to suit your outfit for that wedding, consider buying fashion jewellery, they not only fit your budget, you don’t have to constantly worry about them going missing too. Furthermore, there will be a variety of choices for you to select from, and designs are simply splendid!

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Fashion Jewellery – Accessorize Within a Budget

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in Fashion Jewellery In Your Budget |

There are many options for those fashion crazed women and men alike, which are waiting for you to spend on them. Find the right place that suits you and your financial situation, at the same time, have fun. Shopping for something that makes you look radiant is always entertaining; don’t let this activity let you go bankrupt.

Understand Its Importance: Before going out of the way to buy that over the expensive necklace, stop for a minute and decide if you really need it. Does it suit any of your outfits? Does it look like it will last long? Is it absolutely necessary that only that piece of expensive earrings that you have your eye on will do the trick? Decide the best thing todo before investing.

End Of Season Sales: When you have to shop for jewellery, wait for the end of season sales to happen. Catch your girly friends and go shopping. This is the best time to shop for your goodies, be careful tomove around, to have a look at all the things on sale before buying them. This will give you a lot of options and so you have better choices.
Many people use this benefit toshopping at on sale items so that they can stock for the coming year.

Avoid Monochromatic Colors:Don’t waste your money on buying the similar colored jewellery. Instead, experiment with colors and designs. Don’t stick to a variety just because you know it suits you. Come out of your comfort zone and try different colors. This is so because buying items of the same color will be a waste of money as others will think you have just the one pair.


The Material:Many things make the whole product look cheaper, even if the product cost you an arm and a leg. This can be because of the material used or the way it was made. Avoid flashily and shiny colors, which will make it look cheap and of poor quality. Instead, use colors that come in bright buy plain colors, preferably with a matte finish. This will work for shoes and handbags also.

Less Is More:While selecting the items for your outfit, try to lessen your jewellery. When the outfit is grand, and by grand, in mean, when there is a lot of metal and stone work involved, it is advisable to reduce the amount of jewellery worn. For instance, a simple knee length dress would require nothing but a sharp toned handbag or a clutch with similar bright colored shoes. The jewellery can be a beautiful set of white stoned necklace and earrings. Maybe a bracelet will also be enough.

Follow these tricks and watch your wardrobe look newer than ever before. There are a lot of jewellery out these, which are cheap, below the belt and just waiting for you to try them on. Keep looking for the perfect accessories, and never settle. You do deserve the best unless it costs you your kidney. In that case, let’s go cheap.

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