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Purchasing The Ideal Rose Gold Necklace Set

Posted by on Sep 26, 2016 in Fashion Jewellery In Your Budget |

Purchasing The Ideal Rose Gold Necklace Set

When it comes to jewelry, gold is the one metal that exhibit an extensive level of versatility and elegance. O matter whether you select pure yellow gold or one of its alloys including the rose gold made from mixing gold with copper alloy or white gold made from mixing gold with other metals, each of the gold jewelry is quite attractive and fun.

Necklace set is one of the jewelry item which is quite famous in gold and rose gold but prior investigation is made before purchasing gold along with its price in the market. If you want to purchase a rose gold necklace set, OneByOne Jewellery UK is the best spot for it. You can find every type of gold necklace variety here.

Purchasing Rose Gold Necklace Set:

If the prices of gold is quite high, you can go for gold platted necklace which can be available in comparatively cheaper price and with a platting of 14 to 18 kt. Gold. Below are listed some of the tips that can help you make a purchase of the rose gold necklace set:


The number thing that you need to consider is the type of occasion you are purchasing the necklace set for. If it is an evening event, a flashy and attractive set like a long rose gold necklace would be a better choice whereas if you are purchasing a gold necklace set for a day function, a more sober set should be preferred.


Before making a purchase of any gold necklace set, it is essential to watch the outfit with which the set is going to be worn. The wardrobe must look attractive with the necklace set otherwise it is will be looking overwhelming and unnecessary to wear a gold jewelry with the outfit and it may also destroy your overall look. You should not be tempted by the increasing trend of gold necklace in the market unless it does not suits your outfit.


A necklace along with a pendant is quite an attractive pair and so it can be used in combination for the event as well. If you are going to use a pendant with the necklace you may have to decide about its length according to the wardrobe. Do not always go out with the same set of pendant and necklace combination as it may seem repetitive.

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Fashion Jewellery – Accessorize Within a Budget

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016 in Fashion Jewellery In Your Budget |

There are many options for those fashion crazed women and men alike, which are waiting for you to spend on them. Find the right place that suits you and your financial situation, at the same time, have fun. Shopping for something that makes you look radiant is always entertaining; don’t let this activity let you go bankrupt.

Understand Its Importance: Before going out of the way to buy that over the expensive necklace, stop for a minute and decide if you really need it. Does it suit any of your outfits? Does it look like it will last long? Is it absolutely necessary that only that piece of expensive earrings that you have your eye on will do the trick? Decide the best thing todo before investing.

End Of Season Sales: When you have to shop for jewellery, wait for the end of season sales to happen. Catch your girly friends and go shopping. This is the best time to shop for your goodies, be careful tomove around, to have a look at all the things on sale before buying them. This will give you a lot of options and so you have better choices.
Many people use this benefit toshopping at on sale items so that they can stock for the coming year.

Avoid Monochromatic Colors:Don’t waste your money on buying the similar colored jewellery. Instead, experiment with colors and designs. Don’t stick to a variety just because you know it suits you. Come out of your comfort zone and try different colors. This is so because buying items of the same color will be a waste of money as others will think you have just the one pair.


The Material:Many things make the whole product look cheaper, even if the product cost you an arm and a leg. This can be because of the material used or the way it was made. Avoid flashily and shiny colors, which will make it look cheap and of poor quality. Instead, use colors that come in bright buy plain colors, preferably with a matte finish. This will work for shoes and handbags also.

Less Is More:While selecting the items for your outfit, try to lessen your jewellery. When the outfit is grand, and by grand, in mean, when there is a lot of metal and stone work involved, it is advisable to reduce the amount of jewellery worn. For instance, a simple knee length dress would require nothing but a sharp toned handbag or a clutch with similar bright colored shoes. The jewellery can be a beautiful set of white stoned necklace and earrings. Maybe a bracelet will also be enough.

Follow these tricks and watch your wardrobe look newer than ever before. There are a lot of jewellery out these, which are cheap, below the belt and just waiting for you to try them on. Keep looking for the perfect accessories, and never settle. You do deserve the best unless it costs you your kidney. In that case, let’s go cheap.

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