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How Does Costume Jewellery Differ From Fashion Jewellery?

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Difference Between Costume And Fashion Jewellery |

Jewellery and ornaments have been worn by the people for centuries now and have evolved from charm breakers and talisman. The ancient beliefs led people to combine materials like bones, stone, shells, etc. which were strung together with strings are straw and worn as Talisman and medallions, which were believed to provide protection to the wearer against the evil spirits. These talisman and charm bracelets were made with gold and other precious stones, for the royal lords, because they could afford it. Later, the copies of them, with cheaper replicas were made for the average working class people, so that they too can afford it. Many are confused between the terms costume jewellery and fashion jewellery; A simple mistake anyone can make. Both these terms revolve around the general concept, which is to provide a replica for the fine jewellery. One of their subtle difference is the reason why they’re being used for.

Costume Jewellery-The term ‘costume jewellery’ was termed in the early 1920’s which was used for those replica items of jewellery, which was also called as fake fashion or junk. It was first created to find a replacement for those fine jewellery which cannot be worn at all times, and is passed down through generations as heirlooms. Costume jewellery provided people something that can be worn every day, without worrying about the jewellery getting spoiled because of overuse.


Fashion Jewellery-The name fashion jewellery comes from the concept that the designs and the style of the jewellery are on par with the latest trends of the current society. What’s trendy in today’s world will be considered as out of fashion tomorrow. The fashion jewellery has been expected to keep up with the moving fashion sense of the society, hence the name. Many places consider plastic and glass materials, which can be worn for occasions of any sort.

In both the cases of costume jewellery and fashion jewellery, they are preferable to fine jewellery because they are easier to maintain and less hassle on their safety. Things like pure silver chains and other pendants will fade over time, because of the oxidation reaction. Since you have paid a bomb for it, you have to now find time to polish it and take care of it regularly. But with costume jewellery, since the product is very cheap, when the metal has lost its shine, you can just trash it get you a new one.

Costume jewellery cameinto use and existence when the directors and producers of Hollywood and street plays were looking for a way to dress their stars with something that is attractive, at the same time, less risky to provide for them during the performance, as it would have been too costly and not safe. The costume jewellery, hence, came to their aid. These props were realistic as the fine jewellery, only, much cheaper. Fashion jewellery was born from costume jewellery, but for a wider market, not so glamorous, as they were worn by the common people, for everyday or party use.

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